~Disappearance of a tall man in the high hat~

Sounds of trains, honking cars, Tic-Tac high heels following flashing lights. The proud seven sins, celebrating its victory on the rear of stone tablet in the hands of Moses. A city so beautiful running by a mystery, dreams shut in thick clouds of dust made of lust.

City heart smeared by iron curtain stood a mighty clock tower where time stood still, inherited by a man, a dreamer, a dream where his sins dance and sing together.

Through golden shadows a crow whispers a new soul has arrived a new hunt has begun untainted in this city of colors “your lullaby fall on deaf ears”. Furious and curious he leaves his tower wearing his high hat reciting “the ladybugs will fly again”

From his hat he pulls out gluttony of lust, wishing for him to fall in greed but

Chant of bells shakes the earth the crow shouts “diamonds to dust your stars will rust”.

Oh Sloth, envy, pride where is your wrath?

Come dawn the tower falls…


“For if evil cannot prevail against fate, what hope is there for good”

~Tarun Tamoli


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