Johnny boy….Eyes of fire tattoos all over, loud bike walked as if he was Lucifer incarnated, Girls would lust and guys would shy away. Love fears respect maybe everything or nothing that’s our Johnny Boy.

Where is he now in the middle of nowhere riding his bike, for miles never ending?

You see nothing but sand and dead carcasses of animals who tried to make this journey, Maybe its something that every raw instinct makes you do,

What are you doing here?

Where is this road headed to

Nirvana he said

Nirvana what are you suppose to find there

Nirvana he said as he stops for fuel.

In the middle of nowhere at the rundown  shop he enters an unsightly human waste of a GOD’s creation, no he isn’t a GOD’s creation,  Picks up a beer and something to munch on and approaches the counter,

 How much is it

 Too dam much

 Expired products anyways

Would give you for free! if you give me something of same value?

Looks around and says how about i tell you a story of one of my tattoos

Story WTF oh HELL do amuse me like i have anything to do anyway,

Pick one he asks your favourite tattoo.

He looks around ok what about this big piece of chunk that looks like spaghetti.

Oh this one is good, opens up the beer and after the first gulp he says this one i got in hell…

“Story starts”

An couple Mary and Jack were sleeping snuggled and cosy in each other arms, Knock on door its 2:00AM  who is there at this hour, Police open up, Jack opens the door and gets handcuffed right away Mary shocked crying why you taking him…Jack yells Mary call Joseph(family friend and an Lawyer).

At the police station interrogation starts.

Where were you at Month XX/XX/XX?

I was with my friend at Jenny the BAR,

Friend who?


Detective where is Tony?

IDK i haven’t talked or seen him since, why am i here i have done nothing wrong let me go.

Here sign it (detective throws papers)

What is it?

It states you were an active alibi in the murder of Jane Foster the stripper at Jenny

What how who is she i don’t know anything about her and i haven’t killed anyone.

Sign it!!

Joseph arrives at the scene Jack don’t sign anything or say anything, I’m here and he pushes the detectives away.

Ok Jack I’m here and we are all alone now, you have to tell me everything that has happened that day in detail.

IDK man i haven’t killed anyone get me out of here

Shut up!! Jack you are not going anywhere, You are in here for murder, It’s serious now FOCUS!!! And tell me exactly what happened start to finish. Don’t miss out on anything.

Jack tries to find his composure takes in deep breath and closes his eye and starts to talk.

It was a normal day was bored at work, around lunch Tony calls no biggy he calls and we meet up often.

Who’s Tony?

Tony man don’t you remember you met him at this party.

No i don’t remember any how continue with your story.

So Jack continues… Tony called up during lunch as says he got free passes for Jenny the bar and everybody loves Jenny they have the best stripper’s in the town. So its Friday night why not i agree to it and call up my wife and say’s il be late meeting’s and Tony and me meet up at Jenny right after work, We smoke a little weed and a few beer’s  in my car parked near the park, Jenny was walking distance from the park so after a few beer’s and weed around 8:00PM we stand in the queue for the bar.

Lots of good looking girls man I said to Tony, Tony is like dude these chicks are nothing compared to what we are going to find inside. I can’t wait to get a good lap dance. So we get in finally and as soon as we get it i loose sight of Tony he was like shark who smelled blood and can’t wait to eat the poor old fish, Felt sorry for the fish that tony went after, I went to the drinking area and got myself an beer and started looking and assessing the goods in the store, I roamed around a little and saw from the corner that Tony was in a little dark room, He was with a girl getting high, I threw some paper’s(money) at some girl’s I fancied during the live show, Tony came back and said im done let’s go, Me to im stoned Mary must be waiting and worrying to, So we get out i drop him at the subway and come back home.

That’s all i know and that’s all what happened.

Joseph is that all you sure?

Yea man this is really all i know what happened.

Joseph ok tell me where does Tony lives?.


What do you mean you don’t know where he lives?.

IDK we met at a club and we just hang out,

Ok his number?

I don’t have it he calls usually

WTF Jack give me something here?

Oh i have his photo we took a selfie while we waited in the car.

Oh thank GOD show me.


What is this?

What do you mean?

It’s an photo of you only!!

Jack looks at the phone fuck where is he?

It’s an empty car Jack, Where is Tony man!!!

IDK how could this be…

Detectives enter the room and asks Joseph to leave the room and looks at Jack and says u are under arrest we have CCTV footage of Jack killing Jane foster.

What Joseph shocked and Jack out of words to say (Jaw dropped in shock)

Joseph leaves the room and jack is taken away

Story ends.

“Main story”

Cashier looking at Johnny

Johnny asks how was it?

Cashier a little surprised, what that’s it. So he is the Killer? What does that mean who was Tony and what does this have to do with your tattoo?

Johnny boy laughing don’t you get it?

No i do not….

Johnny is like I’m TONY!!

What how can you be Tony, When you weren’t even in the picture and police had CCTC Footage of Jack killing Jane…

Johnny says

I’m the hidden evil that exists in everybody and every now and then i come out to play because I’m a very naughty person and walks away leaves the store starts his bike and rides away…

The camera tracks back at the store and from distance we see the cashier just standing stunned and as the camera zooms into the store we see cashier with empty eye sockets bleeding from eyes….


Who is Johnny boy? What is Nirvana to him? Is he running from something or does he have a goal, is he even human or just an animal instinct.

-Tarun Tamoli


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