Wish of a Rose

Fade in…

Once upon a time a beautiful rose fluffy and full of beautiful petals is born in an empty grass field, He looks around wonders why is he alone in this field. An bird comes along and lands near him and he asks to the bird why is he alone here in this empty field. The bird responds, Oh don’t you know everyone in the sky knows, Anticipation fills him and he asks please do tell me i need to know.

The bird explains, an old couple used to come here every day and read books together and in the books they had roses just like you which had lost their colours, they don’t come no more i don’t know why but the last time they were here they took the roses and buried them right here and you were born. Rose excited WOW I’m born coz of perfect love, such a beautiful story, need to to be in a book as well, Can’t wait to be part of a beautiful love story…

Few days passes rose with its proud in full glory waiting for the day.

One day it is approached by an little girl, Rose says no don’t pick me i’m waiting for an romantic couple but the girl unable to understand the feelings of rose, Picks it up and bring it home and gives it to her father, Father kisses the girl on forehead and she goes away minding her own business, unable to decide what to do with the rose he hands it over to his wife. Rose is happy now it can finally be part of a love story but the wife than hands it over to her best friend as she visits her, Rose is shocked as to what’s happening but before he could understand anything the friend hands it over to her boyfriend who being a guy and no respect for love or rose throws the rose at the sidewalk .

Rose is furious, Broken with have lost his petals isn’t feeling beautiful anymore, Rain starts to pour and an homeless man picks ip up and goes near an car on an red light signal and offers to sell for food, On which an lady buys the almost broken flower. The lady puts away the rose in a book and moves on with her life, Rose doesn’t understand what went wrong he was so beautiful and his only wish was to be part of a beautiful love story and imprint his beauty, Time passes by and unable to loose it colours in the book he just sits there.

Sometime later, the book is lost and an old fellow picks it up and realizes the book stores an unprinted rose, Broke and Falt carries it with him to an graveyard and puts the rose on his wifes grave and it starts to pour rain again, As the rain poured on the rose started to loose its colours while the old man watched and the rose realized

Love will always find a way.


Fade out…

-Tarun Tamoli


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