Empty Book

Life doesn’t always go in a smooth line sometimes it’s a zigzag an oval and even a dot.

Fade in…

Just an usual day sitting on top of my terrace minding my own business writing a book or at least that’s what i like to believe, just a usual day where life just flows and nothing either makes sense or even need to…

Cold breeze sweeps in and brings a feeling of un settlement, something about today this weather this breeze this moment, is it trying to tell something maybe something is going to happen maybe something needs to happen is something coming? All this is so confusing..

Cold breeze sweeps in again and the book falls over, looks up the sky maybe a storm is coming bend down to pick up the book and the page is lost and a new page is open, hmm i don’t remember writing this who wrote this i can’t recognize the writing either, breeze again but this time the breeze is soothing, sits in the chair again and starts to read….

Letter written in the book-

If i were to tell you, would you listen to my thoughts which are as windy as today’s cold weather?

If you were to smell me would it remind you of the rain about to come hitting the grass?

If you are to touch me would it remind you of rain gently kissing the flower petal’s?

If you were to see me would the beauty of this book fade away?

You might be confused by all this and what it mean and even who I am, let me take you in this dream that I’ve lived in with you and in the end ask you why did u decide to wake up from it….

In our dream…i was a strong stallion wild full of life lived on top of the tallest mountain and would battle the sun and moon race the fiercest wind’s and you be a proud eagle flying so high as to challenge the sky itself wings so huge as to declare your the king of sky and ruled the kingdom of air itself…

You would come visit me every day and we would race to the end of mountain, you would always win since i couldn’t race past the cliff, did that make you proud? So much proud that you decided not to visit me ever again?

Did u ever care that racing you made me strong gave me my fiercely will, when u stopped visiting my legs became weak and i couldn’t run fast no more I started losing to earth the stars the moon the sun and the wind… sun didn’t shine on me anymore and I started to wither away in dust of stars…

When i had lost all hopes and lay silent in my slumber you showed up and asked me to race you again, tempting yes it was but I knew i could not win but greed pulled me up, couldn’t hardly walk yet I ran while u tear through the sky yet i ran hardly keeping up, the cliff was here and I jumped falling down I knew you can’t keep up and before I closed my eyes i knew i had finally won…

That is when the dream ended…

Was it my fault or yours? Is it too late to know the answers? If we could be in a same dream again would you race me again? Would u leave me again? Will you let me win again?…

Letter ends.

It stars to pour rain

Never stop chasing your dreams

Fade out…


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